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Imagine flowing moves of handler and dog to the rhythm of the music. Throughout the world there are a growing number of people that dance with their dogs. It's the ideal dog sport for dog lovers with interest in music. It is great for the mental stimulation of dogs. By creating new exercises, choreographing new routines, the dog and handler have to work together and complement each others moves. You will need a bit of creativity to choreograph a routine and if possible to invent some new moves. The rules are not limiting you much in what you can do (as long as it is safe for the dog), so the sky is the limit......


At competitions in the UK there are at least 2 divisions: heelwork to music and freestyle. In HtM, approximately 70% of the routine will have to consist of heelwork. In the UK there are 8 nominated heelwork positions. While in canine freestyle, no heelwork is required and the flow of the routine is very important (so even the routine consists of tricks it‘s not just one trick after another). The judges will look at content, accuracy and interpretation of the music. This sport is based on obedience and control and even though the exercises look a little different than you would see them in obedience, it always comes back to that basic obedience training.

Currently we are only able to offer one to one tuition for freestyle and heelwork to music. If you are interested in doing heelwork to music or freestyle with your dog, please phone use at 01205-460728 or email us for more information and to make an appointment for a private lesson.


8 nominated heelwork positions.