BlackJack Dog Training

Frequently asked questions:



The costs are £5 per lesson but you will pay a monthly fee at the start of each month, depending on the amount of weeks in the month. Normally this would be £20 to £25 a month.If you cancel a lesson, we would still expect you to pay for that lesson, but we will give you a catch up lesson in another group.


Is there a joining fee?

No, you only pay for your classes, we do not charge a membership fee.


Where do we hold our classes?

From April till September we teach on our field on Blackjack Road in Swineshead, the rest of the year we are holding classes indoors in the village hall in Wigtoft.


Are there any requirements before you can join classes?

Puppies need to be fully vaccinated before they can join our classes.


From which age can your dog come to classes?

We take dogs from as young as 11 weeks to older dogs. No dog is too old to learn, but it may take a longer waiting time before we can place an older dog in a suitable class. We aim to place puppies in classes as soon as possible.


Do we have a waiting list?

At some times during the year we have so many people wanting to join that we operate a waiting list in that time. The best way to ensure a place, would be to ring us when you take your puppy home from the breeder or rescue kennels, so by the time they have had all their vaccinations we can place you in a group. Puppies will always be put on the top of the waiting list.


Do we do private tuition?

Yes we do! Costs are £35/hr. Sometimes people hire us for an hour and share that hour with a friend.


My dog shows agression to other dogs or people, can we join a class?

For these dogs classes are not suitable. We would do some private sessions to train you to manage your dog and prevent the dog to show aggression. After that we can merge you and your dog into a suitable group. Please note that the amount of private tuition depends on the severity of the problems that your dog is displaying.


We would like to join your agility classes, do you have any spaces available?

We have a large amount of our members who are interested in agility, we always ensure to place people into our agility groups if they train obedience with us (or have trained with us in the past). If you train at another dog club, we will not be able to take you on for just agility classes, as we already teach certain behaviours in our obedience groups that we also need in agility training, e.g. targeting, clicker training.


I would like to come to obedience training, but do not want to do clicker training, can I still join your classes?

We believe clicker training is the fairest and kindest way to train dogs. If you would rather not use a gadget (clicker) we can teach you how to use a marker word. If you do not know where to buy a clicker, there is no need to worry as we will give you on FOC on your first lesson.


Let us know if you are interested in joining our classes.



Best wishes,


Hetty & Adrian