Agility is a sport where the dog runs over a course with several obstacles, like for instance a see saw, A frame, weaving poles, hurdles, tunnels and a dog walk.


Agility is suitable for all types of dogs over the age of 1 year, as long as they are fit and healthy, not obese and don't have any orthopaedic problems. The dog should know some basic obedience training and not be aggressive to other dogs. In Spring and Summer we teach agility on Monday and Tuesday evenings. In Autumn we offer agility classes on Sunday afternoon. We teach agility in a course form of 10 weeks. This helps us to structure the lessons in such a way that we can be certain that dogs and handlers have a proper built up in their knowledge and skill. We teach everybody to a competition standard and have several of our clients compete successfully at official shows, however, many of our clients just train for fun.


Our classes hav ea maximum of 6 dogs in each agility group. This to ensure all dogs are able to improve at their own pace and give everyone plenty of exercises in each class. We would like dogs to have done some obedience training with us before starting agility lessons.